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T-Force VST Series:

T-Force Alpha Plus

T-Force Alpha Plus is a subtractive synthesizer with FM capabilities, especially designed for trance music and similar styles of electronic music. Its multi voice oscillators are ideal to create a wide range of sounds for any genre of electronic music . It has a integrated envelope controlled trance gate effect to create rhytmic gate effects how they often were used on pad sounds in many classic trance tracks. It also has a powerful saturation/distortion unit, a dual mode delay effect and a reverb effect.

More Infos: T-Force Alpha Plus                              Latest version: 1.5.2

T-Force Alpha Plus 2

T-Force Alpha Plus 2 has all the features oft its predecessor plus some enhanced and also some new features: a new graphical user interface with customizable colors, new designed oscillators with a new "analog drift" mode, new designed envelopes, a new filter with a lot more filter types, new and better designed lfos, new enhanced trance gate effect, new additional effects and it also has a completly new designed delay and reverb effect and a new customizable overall polyphony contol with several options.

More infos: T-Force Alpha Plus 2                           Latest version: 1.0.2

T-Force Delay

T-Force Delay is a dual mode delay effect device. It can be used to add an echo effect to your sound. Its feedback signal can be modulated with filters and a degrader, to emulate the old vinage style analog tape echo effects. It can produce simple stereo delays, but also can be switched to ping pong mode for that typical left/right pingpong echo effect. it  also has a flanger to create some crazy flanger effects on the feedback signal.

More infos: T-Force Delay                                          Latest version: 1.0

T-Force Trance Gate 2 

T-Force Trance Gate 2 is an rhythmic gate effect to chop an incoming audio signal like e.g. a pad sound into a rhythmic sequence. This kind of effect was used a lot in old classic trance tunes which also gave this effect its name. In early days of trance music this effect was realized by using a noise gate device. The rhythmic sequence was done by using e.g. a hihat sequence which was routed to the sidechain input of the noise gate. The T-Force Trance Gate 2 uses an internal step sequencer instead, to make the workflow easier to create this effect. It also can switched to a sidechain mode, to use it the "classical" way by using an external audio signal as a sidechain input. The Trance Gate 2 also has a multimode filter. The effect is fully controlled by an amp envelope and a filter/resonane envelope. With all these features it's even possible to turn your favorite pad sound into an arp-like sequence.

More infos: T-Force Trance Gate 2                         Latest version: 1.0.2